Wednesday, 10 February 2010

The Best Fried Rice I Ever Made

So the problem with having a food site is that you really need to update it. The problem with me is that I don't really invent my own recipes very often.

Well, I did a couple of weeks ago, so here it is! Matt said it is the best Fried Rice I've every made and please write it down so I can always make it like this!!

The Best Fried Rice I Ever Made

(all measurements are approximate!)

3 chicken thighs

1 bell pepper, diced

handful of baby carrots, diced

sesame seeds

1/4C soy sauce

2T lemon juice

2T white sugar

sesame oil

3C cold, cooked brown rice

2 eggs

1T soy sauce

1 onion, halved & sliced thinly

sesame oil

  1. Debone and dice chicken. Cook in large skillet in sesame oil & generous amount of sesame seeds until half done. Add bell pepper & baby carrots. When chicken is almost completely done, add soy, lemon & sugar. Continue to cook until chicken is done. If liquid is left, turn heat to high and stirfry until it evaporates and everything gets sticky. Remove from heat and hold.

  2. In extra large skillet (I used a 16” cast iron - if you have to use the same skillet, wash it first), begin to brown onions in sesame oil. Cook until they begin to wilt and brown, but still have some life left. Drizzle a bit more oil onto onions (they probably soaked it all up already) then add the rice. Toss thoroughly, then cook for a few minutes before tossing and allowing to sit again. Continue until rice is hot and begins to brown. Use a very sharp edged spatula and don’t allow the rice to stick.

  3. Beat the eggs with soy sauce. DO NOT DO THIS AHEAD OF TIME!! The salt in the soy breaks down the eggs, and they don't scramble worth a darn. Do it right before pouring them in. Scrape all the rice to one side of the skillet (the high side, if your stove tips like mine!), drizzle a bit of sesame oil for the eggs, and pour in the eggs to cook on the other side. Try to cook them omelet-style. Let the bottom cook, then gently move aside for more liquid to cook – try to keep them in a nice sheet, rather than scrambling. When eggs are completely cooked, chop into 1/2” pieces with spatula, bring rice down and stir until combined. Add chicken mixture and cook until everything is hot and well mixed. Be sure to keep the bottom scraped!!

I made this up an hour before Matt got home, then just turned the burner on to heat it up for dinner - worked great as make-ahead!

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