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Carrie's Adapted Baby Sock

Carrie’s Adapted Baby Sock

Rib Top Chevron

Finished Sock Size – Infant sized

3” toe to heel

2 ¾” heel to cuff

4” foot circumference


3 ply. 100% wool – 50g/230 meters


5 dpns – 3mm

Stitch Guide

Ssp: Slip 2 stitches individually kwise, return these 2 sts to left needle, purl them together through the back loops.

Sssp: Slip 3 stitches individually kwise, return these 3 sts to left needle, purl

them together through their back loops

YO: Bring working yarn forward under needle then up and over needle towards the rear – used in knit rows

YO backwards: YOB is made by placing the working yarn under the needle towards the rear, and then bringing it forward over needle – used in purl rows

Kitchner Stitch: Cut yarn from knitting – leave 18” of yarn. Divide sts evenly upon 2 needles – heel sts and instep sts. Thread yarn needle, and stitch as follows - insert yarn needle as P into front st, then as K into back st. Then follow pattern - knit-slip (front needle), purl-no slip (front needle), purl-slip (back needle) knit-no slip (back needle). Yarn should always be passed below needles

Beginning Leg:

CO 44 sts. Distribute evenly across 3 dpns. Place marker, then join for working in the round.


Rnds 1-4: K2, P2

Rnd 5: K2, P2tog

Rnd 6-7: K2, P1

~33 sts remain~

Leg: Divide sts as follows, and remove marker:

9 sts on one dpn (working yarn to the right)

9 sts on next needle to the left

15 remaining sts on last needle

Chevron Lace: (CL) is worked over 9 sts and 6

rows. Work CL on each needle with 9 sts, and on the first 9 sts of the last needle – K the last 6 sts.

Chevron Lace:

Row 1: Knit entire row

Row 2: K2tog, YO, K5, YO, SSK

Row 3: Knit entire row

Row 4: K1, K2tog, YO, K3, YO, SSK, K1

Row 5: Knit entire row

Row 6: K2, K2tog, YO, K1, YO, SSK, K2

Work CL pattern twice – 12 rows, always

knitting final 6 sts on the last needle

(this will create chevrons pointing towards

the toe – reverse order of rows to make chevrons point toward cuff – alternate patterns to create diamonds)

Row 12 of CL: Make 1 st by picking up a bar

Beside one of the 6 knits

~34 stitches~

Rearrange Stitches: (use 4 dpns)

Place 17 sts on one dpn – center the 6Ksts

on that needle. This will split the side chevrons

4 sts on one needle on each side of 17 (side


9 sts on last needle (instep) – centered on

CL pattern

(if only 3 dpns are had, place the 9 CL sts and 4 sts to the left on same needle)

It may be necessary to knit forward to bring the working yarn to the right of the 17 sole sts – 1 entire knit row may be added if necessary


Row 1: (RS – knit) Knit 16, turn

leaving 1 st unworked

Row 2: YOB, p to end – turn leaving last st


Row 3: YO, knit to paired sts, turn leaving

pair unworked

Row 4: YOB, purl to paired sts, turn leaving

pair unworked

Repeat rows 3 & 4 until 5 sts remain between pairs – end on purl (WS) row

Heel Cup:

Row 1: (RS) YO, knit to paired st, K1 (first

st of pair) correct mount of next st (so that leading edge is on the front of the needle) K2tog (corrected st and first st of next pair) leaving next YO – turn

Row 2: (WS) YOB, purl to paired st, P1

(first st of pair) SSP (the YO with the first st of next pair) leaving the YO (see stitch guide) – turn

Row 3: YO, knit to paired st, K1 (first st of

next pair) correct mount of next 2 sts, K3tog, turn

Row 4: YOB, purl to pair, P1 (first st of

next pair) SSSP – turn

Row 5: YO, knit to next pair, K1 (first st of

next pair) correct mount of next 2 sts, K3tog – turn

Repeat rows 4 & 5 until all YOs have been

consumed. The last turn will bring the right side facing – 1 YO left on needle

Joining Round:

YO, knit to YO at end of needle, place this YO on next needle then K2tog, knit to last stitch before sole, place this stitch on sole needle, then work as SSK – Round begins at beg of sole sts


Work knit sts across sole needle and ‘side’ needles, and work 2 repetitions of Chevron Lace on center needle – 12 rows

When CL is complete, work 1 row of knit all the way around


Work the same as for the heel – be sure the

correct sts are on the sole needle. Do not work joining round.

Join toe to foot using kitchner stitch. Weave

in all ends.

Options to change size of sock:

Increase length of foot/leg – add knit rows

between chevron repeats

Increase diameter – CO more stitches (an even

number) then:

  1. Add knits between Chevrons to keep 1 chevron centered on the instep, and move side chevrons farther to the sides

  2. You will not need to make an extra stitch after leg if there is an even number of sts.

  3. For rearranging – 9 sts should remain on the instep needle for working chevron. ½ of the total # of sts should be on the sole. Remaining sts will be on the “side” needles

  4. Heel/toe width is increased by increasing the number of stitches between pairs before forming heel cup. 5 sts ~ 1” heel width, 9 sts ~ 1 ½” heel width. Always end on WS row.

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