Wednesday, 21 May 2008

Authentic Indian Curry

This recipe is from our church missionaries Abraham and Lilian Ephriam when they were here on furlough from India. This curry will surpass any you've tasted in the best Indian restaurant! It is well worth the time and extra spices needed! Traditionally, only chicken would have been used - no veggies at all (except as flavorings)! But, they said that these veggies would be "ok"...

Authentic Indian Curry

1/4 C. oil
1 cinnamon stick
2-4 whole cloves
1 whole dried hot pepper
1 onion
5 cloves garlic, peeled
2" piece ginger root, peeled
1/4 C. fresh mint, chopped
1/4 C. fresh cilantro
3 tomatoes (1 diced)
salt to taste
3 chicken breasts, diced
1-1/2 T. curry powder
1 T. coriander
1/2 T. cumin
1-1/2 T. turmeric
2 potatoes, diced
3 carrots, diced
1 onion, diced
1 can coconut milk

Before you begin, chop all the veggies, dice the chicken, and do this preparation:
In the blender, combine 1 onion, garlic and ginger until pureed. Pour into a small bowl and set aside.
Blend 2 tomatoes, mint and cilantro, set aside

1. In a very large skillet, saute cinnamon, cloves, and hot pepper in oil for 3-5 min. If you break open the pepper, you'll have a fairly hot dish. Leave it whole, and the heat will be quite subtle. Sprinkle some cayenne in at the end if it's still not hot enough to suit you.
2. Add onion puree to skillet and saute 2 min. Add tomato puree to skillet, saute 2 min.
3. Add seasonings and chicken and saute 10 min. or until chicken is almost cooked through (still a bit pink is fine).
Add all diced vegetables and simmer until potatoes are soft, appx. 15 min. Add a small amount of water if necessary.
4. When everything is cooked through, remove from heat and stir in coconut milk - more or less to taste.

Serve over hot rice, and remember to warn your guests about the whole pepper, cloves and cinnamon stick!

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